Sunday, July 22

hello again & summer saturday in the city

hello again, lovelies!  for those regular readers & stumblers-upon who may have been disappointed by my negligence over the past few months, my apologies.  it is quite embarrassing that my last post featured a 'winter romance'!  but now, entering late summer, i realize that over this period the last pages of a certain life chapter have been closed, the next opened, though with only a brief introduction thus far & no certain resolution planned, full of ambiguity & excitement & ambition & a healthy dose of fear of the unknown...

{beets at union square farmer's market}
that being said, i think i have finally emerged from the paralyzing transition which bridges the gap between student & young professional, and now with quite an appetite to record & share, again, the beautiful happenings i am lucky to experience & those delightful things that catch my eye & transport me, if only for a moment, to my own idyllic world.

{delicate currants}

today was an early greeting from a beautiful summer's day, sunny & warm & breezy, rushing to be ready to be apart of it, a long-awaiting call & exciting news from a great friend, temptation to purchase the entire line of fresh products, then a soujurn downtown in breezy off-white lace for a mimosa-filled midday meal.

{to all of my british friends - i miss sunday lunch terribly, but wish for your own sakes that london revered brunch as does new york.  it is positively the best meal(s) of the week.}

weaving my way across town, i stumbled into the bustling union square farmer's market {previously featured during the autumn here} and, as i have been many times before, was immediately inspired by the abundance, variety, enthusiasm for local produce & the colors.  inspired not only to look & smell & linger, but full of visions of feasts of mid-summer vibrancy, to cook & to share.  today's market was dominated by stone fruits: nectarines, peaches & plums of all varieties, including the most delicate tart-sweet sugarplums.  and beets, too, and stacks of ears of corn & heaps of freshly picked greens.

{tiny sugarplums}
later, finally the chance to leisurely indulge in a stack of untouched magazines {vanity fair, bon appetit, the new yorker}, a summer's saturday was firmly devoted to rejuvenation.

{watercolor of magazines via pinterest}

expect, going forward, the blog as it was, geared slightly more toward art, focused upon new york.  i hope you are looking forward to the renewal of enchantée as much as i am! and bon soir!

xx hillary

Sunday, January 29

a winter romance

a tiffany & co mid-winter's dream.  

deepest apologies for disappearing, but so much more to come and, however late, bonne année to you!
xx hillary