Friday, July 22

color du jour: mint green

hello mes chéries!  just a quick post to let you in on my {mild} obsession with mint green.  for interiors, clothing, accessories, and everyday objects alike, mint green lends its combination of sweet and refreshing everywhere it lands {not unlike it's namesake ice cream, my favorite, mint chocolate chip}.  i think it whispers an air of not-too-sweet, sometimes sophisticated, sometimes vintage charm.  it lends romance to a lightweight, flowing gown, or makes sun-kissed skin pop in bolder looks.  i know lilac/lavender is popular this season, but at the moment i prefer refreshing mint to these soothing purple hues, and it shall be the color of my first mani/pedi back in the us {less than one week!}.  do you have a current color obsession?  or thoughts on mint green?  and how darling is the mint green footed tub? pour moi, bliss!
all images via pinterest
i hope that you have come to adore mint green, too!  and that you have the most lovely day.  only hours until le week-end.. xx hillary 

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  1. Yes! I've been loving mint green, too... lovely, fresh, feminine, and a bit vintage-y.


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