Wednesday, July 20

women for women international & kate spade

all images via kate spade

clockwise from top left: 'hand in hand gold bangle' $48 | 'women for women raffia tote' SALE $123 | 'women for women beaded bracelet' SALE $32 | 'women for women knit hair pin' $48 | 'women for women knit necklace' $98 | 'hand in hand rose gold bangle' $48  | 'women for women beaded necklace' SALE $67 
today i was lucky enough to spend several hours with one of my dearest friends.  although most of our attention {and tears} were spent on the final harry potter movie {so good}, we also got to chat about the most wonderful organization that she is involved in here in london, women for women international.  

i've been hearing about women for women international quite often over the past few months, but chatting today reminded me not only of the incredible things it does, but also the perfect partnerships it has created and fostered, particularly one with kate spade.  

women for women focuses on helping women survivors of war or conflict zones rebuild their lives though financial and emotional support, including business skills training.  the knit and beaded pieces here, in fact, were made by these women through the 'hand in hand' program with kate spade, wherein they are trained in a viable craft to make pieces that kate spade will sell.  and how gorgeous!

i am particularly eyeing the darling rose gold bangle, the outside of which is engraved 'hand in hand' and the inside with 'there's strength in numbers.' reasonably priced, these pieces would make excellent addition to any accessories collection, and would make particularly meaningful gifts. and rose gold is beyond chic!   

isn't is so wonderful that kate spade and women for women international have creating such an adorable way for us to help our fellow women in need?  which piece is your favorite?  

learn more about women for women {here}.
learn more about women for women and kate spade, particularly the hand in hand program {here}.

trés belle, non? hope your day was lovely. xx hillary 

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