Sunday, July 24

entertaining inspiration: garden party

images via pinterest
hello mes chéries!  i hope you are having such a lovely weekend.  after what seemed like ages of dreariness, summer has resumed in london, and the morning was spent strolling around the marylebone farmer's market and, then, lounging under an ancient willow in regent's park under a sparkling blue sky with a new novel, the laughter of children and quiet content of those basking in the warmth of the summer sun all around, a perfect day after a celebratory evening, which lasted late into the night around a kitchen table of inspired conversation with london friends to miss.  

but the weekend offered plenty of moments to ponder my most recent entertaining obsession: a garden party.  quite a british brand of fête, my imaginary garden party would be an ode to the magic of a mid-summer night's dream. hors d'oeuvres and rosé champagne and elderflower cordial on silver beaded trays, women in flowing pastel dresses and men in linen suits, mingling at twilight around a flowing marble fountain.  then dinner under the stars along a long table with mis-matched vintage chairs, floating chinese lanterns overhead and white lights.  finally, dancing on the terrace, illuminated by the light of a full moon, with clandestine hidden benches for whispered romance & a secret embrace.
and as a parting gift, firefly lanterns to guide the way home. 
images via pinterest
aren't these images inspiring? what are your ideas for a garden party? if i had a garden party of my own, you would be invited.  your name calligraphed onto thick, beautifully design invitations sent through the post, of course.  enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a summer's sunday evening & bon soir.  xx hillary

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