Monday, July 18

ethereal fashion: valentino haute couture fall 2011

images via {here}
if you regularly read fashion or design blogs, you have probably come across the behind-the-scenes photos from mr. valentino's fall 2011 haute couture show, published in V magazine, but i just could not resist.  the sheer, light-as-air pastel fabrics, crowns of blossoms, braided belts, hand-beaded gowns of perfection, the models transformed into to fairies or wood nymphs by his sublime creations, the designer conjuring a glimpse of an imaginary acadian world. 

i am very lucky to have been in mr. valentino's immediate proximity twice.  on the second occasion, i {running very late} dramatically stormed past him, without realizing this magician was in the building.  he absolutely {did not} notice.  and on both occasions he was looking oh so orange.  ohhh valentino.  

happy monday!  bienvenue to the clean slate of a new week.  more links to come later.  xx hillary 


  1. How cool! A fellow American in London! Such a lovely blog you have here too--full of lots of beautiful things! I am originally from the south shore too--small world! Let me know if you're up for a coffee or a macaron sometime (totally obsessed with the Laduree that opened up recently in Covent Garden!) xx

  2. I would absolutely love that! unfortunately I'm moving back (to boston then nyc in september) next thursday, unless you're around before then? thanks so much for commenting! have been following your blog for months, love love it! xx

  3. Spectacular! I especially love the grey gown in the first image...oh to have the occasion to wear one of these lovelies.

  4. i totally agree, allison! and thank you so much for commenting! i'll be in boston for at least the month of august, and would love to catch up and here what you've been up to if you're around! xx


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