Monday, July 11


Welcome to the enchantée blog!  Throughly smitten by the amazing design blogs I read daily, I have finally mustered up the courage to make my own contribution.  And, I suppose, I am a bit different than those who normally blog.  An art history student, I have just completed a connoisseurship-based course in fine and decorative art (aka old master paintings, modern paintings, furniture, and ceramics: asian and european) in London.  I specialized in furniture, and the topic of my dissertation (much more to come later ... lucky you!), is rococo revival interiors in London townhouses in the 1820s and 1830s ...  seriously glamorous.  I plan to blog on the things that I find to be enchanted, including art and design (particularly furniture) history, interior design, beauty products, cooking (my favorite hobby), what I'm reading, flowers, travel, clothes, and anything else that catches my eye.  I hope that you enjoy, and come to adore, these things as much as I do, and, if anything, that enchantée can serve as a daily source of new knowledge and inspiration or glimpse of something beautiful. Have a lovely day! xx hillary

and for now, a beautiful shot of my 'backyard,' at least for a few more weeks: 
Queen Mary's Rose Garden at Regent's Park.  

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