Sunday, July 31

le week-end: on the water

hello darlings!  i hope you had the most lovely weekend.  i was lucky enough to spend time with family and best friends, today waking up to the most beautiful summer's day on the massachusetts coast, a morning kayak excursion into the calm bay {perhaps the best vantage point for hidden-from-the-road waterfront mansions!}, giggling and reading magazines on the beach, sipping a san pelligrino limonata and finally exposing my fair english complexion to the bright new england sun, mint chocolate-chip ice cream from the most charming local, quintessential danish shop, a long walk in the cooling air of a beautiful sunset, and the most relaxing sunday evening.  

this week will be filled with dissertation reading and writing, {better} blog posts, and, perhaps, a little time to work on my tan ... how did you spend your last weekend of july?  hope your monday begins perfectly & bon soir.  xx hillary 

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