Monday, August 1

words to live by

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mes chéries!  a quick post about a most recent re-discovery.  i do recall hearing a few months ago about kate spade's idea to curate a set of seven short stories from accomplished woman authors, but had forgotten all about this marvelous project until a small card, accompanying a pair of new earrings, of course, arrived at my door via a little brown box.  the card was a version of the image above, sans the mention of a collection of short stories, and i was immediately struck by the choice of adjectives, all of which, i suddenly realized, i aspire to.  the phrase is perfectly concise and confident, and reminds me of a quirky yet romantic, independent & clever yet spontaneous & light hearted.  i think that curiosity and playfulness are trés, trés important in building a fulfilling life of adventure and accomplishment.  

and now i must get my hand on the collection of short stories {one of which, i have learned, was written by the author of the chic-lit classic overnight socialite.  you haven't read it?  you really must!}.  was anyone lucky enough to receive this collection as a gift, or to read the stories at all?  

a new week & a new month ...  my beloved monday was not so productive, but at least i have found my new mantra ... quick and curious and playful and strong ...  and two posts tomorrow, je te promets
xx hillary    

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