Wednesday, August 24

summer sweet: just peachy

image via pinterest
hello mes chéries!  it's late august & can't you just smell the peaches ripening? they are perfect & irresistible & so beautiful in their blushing innocence.  the star of so many dishes, sweet & savory, it's difficult to decide with which recipe to begin.  shall we start with dessert?  here are some of my favorite ideas & recipes:
  • grilled vanilla peaches: perfect finale for a simple bbq.  essentially toss with lemon juice & grill in a foil packet, then brush with the essential combination of brown sugar & cinnamon & vanilla, and serve over ice cream.
  • lavender peaches over pound cake: peaches + lavender = divine.  stew peach slices with lavender & vanilla, spoon over tangy sour cream pound cake & top with whipped cream sweetened with the remaining lavender syrup.
  • peach melba spoom: light & delightful.  frozen meringue = fat free ice cream. swirl it with seasonal pair peaches & blackberries for gorgeous contrast that begs to be served a clear glass.  night in with the girls?  yes, please.  
  • peach ice cream with armaretti cookie crust: broil peaches with brown sugar & fold into softened vanilla ice cream, then pack into crust of the delicious italian almond cookie.  top with whipped cream & more crumbled armaretti.
  • individual peach crisps: dinner guests adore their very own dessert {fact}.  use ramekins or little crocks, so widely available now.  top peach slices with buttery oatmeal crumble & bake until bubbling.  serve with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.  
peaches are so inspiring.  so many savory dishes as well: did you know peaches also pair beautifully with basil & proscuttio? oh & in white wine sangria!  & the peach palette generally, that beautiful blush... perhaps there are more peachy posts to come.  have the most lovely day.  xx hillary 


  1. A bit too complicated to DIY at home, but I recently had a delicious combination of grilled peaches and foie gras at Galley Beach on Nantucket. The salty/fatty mixed with sweet was a perfect match. A must-try for anyone on the island! (As are their seared sea scallops with ginger mashed potatoes)

  2. That sounds amazing! Need to hear more about your nantucket foodie adventure! xx


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