Wednesday, August 24

special something: beautiful bar soaps

image via {here}
coming across these luxurious soaps by murphy&daughters several days ago in martha stewart living, something about them resonated in my mind.  perhaps because they look like vintage french candies?  almost too pretty to unwrap.  like {upscale} homemade caramels.  or because i nearly felt the silky milky waxy soap & smelled soothing lavender & cooling cucumber just off the page.  although generally an {anti-bacterial} liquid soap user, i have always been attracted to fine & delicately wrapped bars & recently brought a gorgeous fresh bar as a hostess gift.  what are your thoughts on bar soaps?  love them for the wrapping & aroma or for everyday use?  eager to learn your opinions!  & for the next darling friend to host me, a perfect preview. bon soir.  xx hillary 

p.s. purchase {here}


  1. Oh yes, I was lucky and got these on sale at Anthro. I had to stop my Fancy from thinking they were candy. I LOVE them1

  2. as the recipient of said fresh bar soap, i can say that i LOVE them! that soap smells so good; i can't wait for you to get here and use it! it makes my bathroom look instantly more refined. i became a fan of sabon last weekend, and i've got my eye on the lemon bar soap below:

    i think i draw the line at hand washing, however. bar soap gets so gooey in the shower, and i never think it's clean. it belongs at a sink, in my opinion.

  3. i totally agree with you, maribeth! i love the look of the rose and vanilla coconut. great site! and @ miss b, have you used these yet? would love to know if they smell as beautifully as they are packaged! thanks for commenting, ladies! xx


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