Sunday, August 21

entertaining inspiration: weekend brunch

those of you who know me well know that i adore brunch.  and for so many reasons.  the morning is my very favorite time of day, certainly my most productive & i just love waking up & dressing brunch chic {something to do with a silk blouse or dress} or even jumping up to finish preparations i've made the day before, for example, popping into the oven my creme brulee french toast, soaked overnight in thick vanilla scented custard, or for that matter, my goat cheese & proscuttio strata.  or a puffy frittata, which pairs surprisingly well with warm blueberry muffins.  for brunch out, i always indulge in my eggs benedict.  and fresh squeezed orange juice, perhaps spiked & bubbled with dry champagne.  oh & endless cups of rich, dark coffee.  or, perfect for tailgating {or cure for head spinning} a spicy bloody mary.

i love brunch because it allows me to indulge, and indulge others, in this type of fare that i would never prepare for myself.  and it's always bright & cheery & fresh & there are just oodles of charming brunch ideas to try.  brunch is perfect in a sun-filled room, or perhaps even outdoors, served just as the morning dew still lingers, or alfresco at your favorite brunch spot, with the quiet content of good company & delicious, heart-warming breakfast, all while people-watching the early Sunday risers.  & the very best part is that the day is, then, yours to spend just as you please.  bon appetit, mes amies.  & bon week-end.  xx hillary

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which brunch inspiration above is your favorite?

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  1. I am obsessed with your goat cheese strata! It is the perfect brunch dish- easy to prepare the night before and everyone loves it (even my relatives who thought they hated goat cheese)!


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