Monday, August 15

hidden treasure: bamboo table

hello lovelies!  yesterday i had the most incredible find: on the side of the road {on the way to the movies to see the help.  have you gone yet?  you must!}, deep in the suburbs, a 'FREE' sign leaned up against a coffee table.  upon further inspection, quite dusty, but in perfect condition, asian-inspired with bamboo-sytle legs & spaced apron rails, elegant cusping & a rattan-textured shelf, brass hardware, and a glass top.  do please forgive the images, as my beloved camera is sans screen and iphone camera must do for now.  but i am beyond thrilled about the table!  the first step will be to give it a thorough clean, and then i'm considering painting it: black, white, mint-green or blue.  or should it be au natural

i've included some bamboo pieces and interior inspirations below.  i'm loving bamboo at the moment, as its presence seems to infuse an air of both the natural world & exoticism {perhaps this was why the bamboo form was incorporated into some chinoiserie-style pieces by 18th century rococo designers, too}.  and can you believe it was free?  i'm now inspired to scour local furniture consignment shops & even the salvation army for furniture that, with a little tlc, can become useful, beautiful & unique pieces to cherish for years to come & can fit my budget in the meantime.  have you ever bought a piece of furniture on the cheap and re-furbished it?  oh and what if i painted it gold?  in desperate need of your advice here!  xx hillary  
honestly the most similar piece to my table i could find on the internet.
quite reminiscent of my table with double bamboo legs  

love love the bamboo in an exotic yet functional form 
bamboo seating
sample of painted colors and natural
cream colored outdoor set with similar table in wicker

cream colored bamboo love seat.  don't love the brown, however.

love love bamboo shades

too bright?

love the exotic touch of bamboo molding on this traditional vanity

should i go with black?
one chandelier, two hues.
images via pinterest


  1. What a great find! My sister's bedroom-set growing up was a similar design to the vanity you posted, but painted white. It was so fresh and sweet! I think black could look very sharp if your using it in a more formal room!

  2. I'm obsessed with black furniture. I say black.

  3. I think that I will go with black.. I'll keep you posted!


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