Tuesday, August 2

entertaining inspiration: clam bake

hello lovelies! although recently inspired by the english summer to host an imaginary garden party, my most recent return to my costal homeland has ensured endless thoughts of the perfectly preppy beach party: a true new england clam bake. 

my clam bake would take place just on the beach, beginning at sunset, coordinated with low tide to ensure the most space possible for mingling and splashing amongst lingering tidal pools.  a long table dressed in summer white and overflowing with the quintessential new england flower, the hydrangea, with cottages faced in weathered shingles with bright white fences not far beyond the beach grass-dotted dunes.  mounds of corn-on-the cob, clams, lobsters, and more delicious fare steaming in galvanized basins, ready to be devoured with bubbly champagne, crisp white wine, and sweet lemonade. oh and cranberry spritzers. and we must not forget creamy new england clam chowder served in hollowed out rounds of soft bread .. 

at twilight, a bonfire, clinking glasses, and just-picked blueberry pie, sitting in mismatched chairs and rogue diftwood logs as darkness falls.  because there is nothing more magical than the glow of the fire, the smell of the sea, and the soft rhythm of breaking waves, lapping the shore. and sand is all around as we walk, barefooted, home, guided by the distant lights of the harbor .. 

what to wear?  nautical stripes, casual chic in crisp whites, nantucket reds rolled above the ankle with boat shoes and blue blazers. oh my.  for those new englanders amongst you, this is a familiar saga.  for those visiting, do come enjoy a breath of our {summer} world.  
essie's 'clam bake'
all images via pinterest
enjoy & bon soir.  xx hillary 


  1. and fyi, at least for those of us in the northeast, 'clam bake' by essie should be available at your local drug store {aka chemist, for you brits}! both a reader and myself found it at CVS!

  2. You included the most beautiful pictures with this post! It made me so hungry and so excited to go to Nantucket in two weeks! I also went straight out to buy the Essie Clam Bake, can't wait to try it on!


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