Saturday, August 20

real simple: the power of color

images via {real simple}
flipping through the august issue of one of my favorite american magazines {which i do not believe is at all available in the uk.  trés triste}, suddenly this brilliant article, demonstrating the power of color to transform the very same space.  j'adore the painting of the crown moulding and the ceilings & particularly appreciate that juxtaposed with each space is a beautifully arranged set of objects in the same palette that can also be used to bring the colors to a space {especially for those of us sans walls to paint in apartments}.  which is your favorite palette?  i've always been drawn to sunny yellow, but i also appreciate the calm of the blue & grey, the femininity of sage & light pink, & the festive, traditional qualities of the blue-green & burgundy.  

the transformative power of color is often something we are often forced to imagine without comparison & i was just floored by the clear illustrations here.  bravo, real simple!  also, would you ever actually paint your ceiling and crown moulding? it's quite bold, non?  may your late-summer saturday be perfectly lovely.  xx hillary

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