Thursday, August 11

summer sweet: ethereal pavlova

hello mes chéries!  have you ever heard of pavlova?  described here as 'an edible translation of sugar into cumulus clouds,' it is a refreshing, delicate dessert, perfect for summer, made of three components: a meringue base, crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, covered with dollops of something smooth and cool, either whipped cream or tangy crème fraîche, or even a fruit curd or pastry cream, and topped with sweet seasonal fruit.  the meringue here is essentially a canvas, serving as a vehicle for its toppings, and for creative and beautiful food styling.
anne pavlova
 named after the russian ballet dancer anne pavlova {1881-1931}, it's also the national dessert of australia and new zealand.  impressive and ethereal served either as a shared, larger meringue, or individually, the dessert is very light, the ideal dish for a summer get together with the girls, and should be topped with the best seasonal fruit available.  make your own meringues {although do avoid this on a humid day}, or buy meringues and simply assemble for the easiest finale to a lovely summer's evening that is sure to impress & enchant your guests.  here is a basic recipe, featuring step-by-step photos, but there is an endless quantity of brilliant variations available online & in many cookbooks.  bon idée, non?  xx hillary 
with peaches & blueberries!
{chocolate variation}
stacked chocolate layers!
{blueberries & blackberries with lemon curd}
{raspberries & lemon curd}
{peaches and lavender}
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p.s. last night spent the most impossibly magical evening under a beautiful white tent enjoying a delicious farm dinner ... post coming soon!

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