Friday, August 26

majestic montana: film & reading & travel inspiration

happy happy friday, mes chéries!  lately my mind has been wandering far from my new england coastal town, to the rugged american west.  this is quite unusual for me, generally drawn to glamour & luxury & très-civilized, heel-friendly terrain & i attribute my recent wanderlust to the two epic films set in the state of montana starring the most handsome, young brad pitt, legend of the fall & a river runs through it.  both films in which bold action & tragedy demonstrate strong, un-communicated emotion, the gorgeous mountainous scenery & apparently unspoiled paradise reflects the complex characters: simultaneously strong & fragile, majestic & devastating.

i think i am drawn to a river runs through it also because of the poetic & powerful, evocative prose of its author, norman maclean, in the film & the novella on which its based, telling the story of himself & his family in montana in the 1920s.  his words are as rhythmic as the elegant fly-fisherman's casts he describes & the tale begs to be read aloud.   paired with two short stories, that romance of a river runs through it, oh and that poetry, wipe away all the unpleasant details of frontier life, allowing only its profound tale & perfect majesty to shine through, even for the most girly girl.  i would recommend both the book & film versions for this hurricane weekend {p.s. are you prepared?}.  no matter how feminine & squeamish you are, you may find yourself inspired to google outdoors-y montana vacations, too. bon week-end.  xx hillary.

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