Wednesday, August 17

links & little things

farm photos via {eat boutique} : banana ice cream via pinterest :
paris wife via {here} : cupcake via {this is glamorous} : kate spade via {here}
happy wednesday mes chéries!  today a few things to share:
  • photos of my farm dinner unaccessible for now due to camera malfunction (trés triste), but another blogger who did a similar dinner justice.
  • have you read the paris wife?: the story of ernest hemingway's first wife, a glorious second course to a moveable feast {what a classic.  read immédiatement!}
  • kate spade fall: 50s inspired glamour à la mad men {my favorite show, by the way, yours too?}
  • my next party will definitely.include.these: gilded cupcake toppers.  i feel as if the early nineteenth century aristocrats consuming my life at the moment {via dissertation} would approve. so chic.
  • you.must.try easiest non-fat bliss: freeze peeled bananas, then whiz away in blender with some skim milk.  same texture as ice cream.  trés trés délicieux!  
do enjoy!  what a beautiful day.  now to take my reading outside.  have the most lovely afternoon.  xx hillary 

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