Sunday, November 20

a promising pumpkin pie

{image via martha stewart}

hello dearies!  thanksgiving is fast approaching & i must make a confession: i do not like pumpkin pie.  pumpkin muffins, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin mousse, even, yes.  but not pumpkin pie. i think it is the odd wobbly texture, the slightly watery surface that develops when chilled.  or maybe i've just never had a proper pumpkin pie.  anywhoo, i believe i have found a pie with promise: {martha stewart's deep-dish mile-high meringue version.}  i adore meringue, of course, and i love the idea of toasted clouds of it floating above a perfectly, warmly spiced filling, resting in a gingery crust.  could this be the pumpkin pie for me?  only time shall tell, as i plan on whipping this up when i return to boston on wednesday for the cherished american holiday, one that i missed last year while living in london.  

are you planning on making anything for thanksgiving?  with all of my recipe & entertaining reading, i look anxiously forward to the realization of my ideal thanksgiving menu one day, with a beautifully curated table, of course, laden with a delectable & traditional feast, sparkling friends & family on a perfect fall thursday, but as a slightly over-worked twenty-three year old without even a kitchen table, i am tremendously thankful for my thanksgiving this year, one which involves me coming back to boston late wednesday & enjoying a leisurely meal at my aunt's, no extensive preparation involved.  oh and catching up with brother & cousins & best friends, and saturday, transitioning beautifully transitioning into the holiday spirit via boston ballet's the nutcracker.  oh & fun fact.  have i ever told you that one of my ancestors came to america on the mayflower? {and presumably took part in the very first thanksgiving?}  c'est vrai.  & perhaps it's why thanksgiving and i are such bonnes amies. xx hillary 


  1. This looks heavenly!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I am planning on eating some of that leftover pumpkin pie with my roommate in NYC!! (We'll get some, right??)


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