Sunday, December 4

christmas time in the city

hello lovelies!  goodness, i have been just terrible about blogging lately.  so so busy working away, but finally a few minutes of repose.  above is an image of rockefeller center's christmas display & iconic tree, which, luckily, stands just across from christie's.  christmas time in the city has been so lovely & festive, and i felt myself getting into the spirit even before thanksgiving.  lights & trees are all around & the most beautiful window displays.  and yesterday was the debut of elizabeth taylor's jewelry & couture collection, set to be auctioned beginning next week.  so happy to begin sharing christmas gift, cooking & decorating ideas!  bonne nuit, lovelies!  xx hillary

p.s. came across this recipe for barley salad with squash and broccoli today. what an amazing lunch!  

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