Tuesday, December 27

sweet winter treat: {fresh mint} hot chocolate

hello cheries!  just a quick recipe for those of you looking to fill this holiday week with indulgences before the inevitable dietary austerity of the first weeks of the new year.  

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i adore the flavor of mint with chocolate.. peppermint patties, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and so on.  i also love the idea of mint hot chocolate,  the mint cutting through some of that richness, but dislike the artificial mint taste.  solution: make hot chocolate from scratch, flavored using fresh mint.  
{not at all as tricky as it sounds.}  

for about four servings, heat six cups milk {2% for best results} until nearly boiling.  take it off the heat and add fresh mint sprigs, and let it steep for ten minutes.  then remove the mint and return the milk to the heat, adding 12 oz milk chocolate {i used a bag of ghirardelli milk chocolate chips & it worked beautifully}.  stir until the chocolate is melted & then warm over medium heat until it reaches a suitable serving temperature {piping hot for me!}.  top with homemade whipped cream {beat a bit of heavy cream in a large bowl with a whisk, adding a spoonful of confectioner's sugar and a drop of vanilla extract} and, perhaps, some chocolate shavings.  enjoy the perfection & bon soir.  xx hillary

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