Friday, September 9

fur, lace, leopard, redvalentio & fashion's night out

pumps via {here}, furs via {here}, lace print dress via {here}
at fashion's night out yesterday in nyc, it was clear: fall 2011 is all about leopard print, fur & lace.  and i am over the moon.  the three, particularly when the leopard print is combined with soft-as-satin calf-hair, represent luxury, glamour, romance & femininity.  at the saks party last night, i also discovered my ideal line: red valentino.  full of bows & frills, this new line gives a modern twist & gorgeous embellishments to classic pieces.  a few phrases from their blog seem to evoke my ideal personal style: 

"romanticism with a girly yet feminine twist ... bows and tailoring"

"playful mix of lace, ribbons & prints: basic meets romantic"

"fairy military: from military to fairy tales.  victorian inspirations for an unusual mix of fairy like shapes & military hues and details"

"pure and clean silhouettes mix together with romantic and funny printed bows for a swinging bold attitude."

". . . the fairy tale continues . . ."

red valentino images via {here}
the brand seems to be focused on fun pop-up stores, on the french riviera, for example, but is also always available at saks.  & although the prices are still steep, they are nothing like true valentino couture & with some serious spending discipline, are within a fashionista's reach.  

so lovelies, did you attend any fashion's night out festivities?  my nyc fno was possibly not as enjoyable as last year's london experience, which included a vast quantity of free drinks & hors d'oeuvres, the best of which were at burberry for certain, but this year i was most impressed by the sheer quantity of people who turned out for the event {the streets were swarming!}, tiffany's 60's/70's inspired disco, including live models visible through a small opening in the storefront windows, dripping in gold & also the michael kors rockefeller center party, where my roommate & i found so so many things that we liked, including an affordable fur muff, a great dj & flutes of dry champagne. mmm bliss.  

i successfully completed my very first work week, as i have fridays off, but for the rest of you, weekend is only hours away.  the sun is finally shining on the northeast & i hope that your friday is just perfect. what are you up to tonight? bon week-end. xx hillary.  


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