Monday, September 5

labor day weekend catch-up

all american bbq via pinterest
hello mes chéries!  & for those of you in the us, happy labor day!  i have been horribly busy lately & deeply apologize, but am happy to report that i'm settled again & will be back to frequent blogging.  friday was working working, saturday so much fun at the opening of the football season at my alma mater with best college friends & tailgates galore, & sunday packing & more packing & visiting with family, then today driving & carrying & a glorious unpacking into an adorable apartment on the upper east side to share with one of my best girlfriends from college.  new york is just perfect, as was my first {remarkably inexpensive, may i add} new york manicure {in light brownish purple in honor of autumn}.  & tomorrow is first day of work, ahem, interning.

but what did you lovelies do to celebrate the {unofficial} final day of summer? :: très triste ::  a bbq or pool or beach party?  whatever it was, i hope that you had a wonderful day & that you wore white & you reflected upon a beautiful summer past & that you are ready for the most charming & romantic autumn.  will be back tomorrow with a real post.  xx hillary


  1. elles sont magnifiques tes photos! par contre, si veux dire "very" en français c'est comme ça: très et pas comme ça: trés.
    bisous et enchantée !!

  2. eek! je sais je sais! trop de copy&paste. c'est une faute de frappe grave. merci beaucoup & s'il vous plaît continuez à lire mon blog! bisous!

  3. c'est pas de tout grave !! je me suis dit vaut mieux te dire ! ;) bon courage & bisous!

  4. ooups, pas du tout ** hahahaha !!
    bonne nuit !!


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